a-frame houses

by_ Alvaro Gamo

It’s been barely impossible to find any modern or architecturally speaking interesting a-frame typology houses or cabins, and yet, we are in love with them. It’s easy to imagine ourselves drinking a hot cup of coffee, with a warm blanket over our cold feet, being so happy and grateful for the simplicity of the moment.

You can’t deny that the virtue of this typology of houses comes mainly from it’s simple shape, which is actually perfect for reduced programs in cold snowy places.

Although when we think of these triangular wooden houses, the picture that comes to our minds would be, usually, defined by the word antique. And this word can only mean new possibilities of rethinking and designing this classic structures. Antique relates to potential.

We can all agree that, the a-frame shape, comes with a list of conditions that would determine our way of designing it, as well as a loss of the useful surface strictly related to its triangular section. But hey! Since when have things been so easy? Accept the challenge! Take it as an opportunity to design something creative and brand new.

Ask yourself “How many a-frame houses have I found around my living area” … Still waiting, huh?

Imagine now if you try to find any of them using any modern architectural technique or architectural trend. Must be hard to find one which delights your critic taste. This post is an appeal for simplicity and diversity, challenge and reinvention.

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