Gion Caminada’s Meaningful Architecture

by_ Jordi Malet i Ponsatí fonts_ Hagen, Petra + Toyka Rolf: The Architect, the Cook and the Good Taste. Basel · Boston · Berlin: Birkhäuser 2007. Claret Martí, Coque: Viatge a Vrin. L’arquitectura de Gion Caminada. In: DAU, publicació de la demarcació de Lleida del COAC, 24/2005 pictures_ Jordi Malet i Ponsatí, during his trip in Vrin on November 2015. It makes no sense to talk about Gion A. Caminada (*Vrin, 1957) without talking about his precedents and his environment.Read more

a-frame houses

by_ Alvaro Gamo It’s been barely impossible to find any modern or architecturally speaking interesting a-frame typology houses or cabins, and yet, we are in love with them. It’s easy to imagine ourselves drinking a hot cup of coffee, with a warm blanket over our cold feet, being so happy and grateful for the simplicity of the moment. You can’t deny that the virtue of this typology of houses comes mainly from it’s simple shape, which is actually perfect forRead more