24 Non-conventional dwellings – GARCÉS DE SETA BONET

architects_ Garcés de Seta Bonet
collaborators_Meritxell Inarja, architect, J.I. Eskubi, structurist, J.G.&asociados, engineer
location_Passatge Mas de Roda 5-13, 6-14, Barcelona
budget_ 4.900.062,00 €
completion date_ 2009
photography_ Miguel de Guzmán

The renewal of the industrial areas of Poble Nou (22 @ BCN Activity District) foresees its transformation into the new “District 22 @ BCN Activity”, dedicated mainly to the industries of the new economy, information technology and communication .

In a former sugar industry has projected a number of features not built usual intended for a particular public, dynamic and progressive. It has pursued a singular result and quality. The project is based on the qualities of the original industrial building.

The old buildings are cut vertically with the pace set by the trusses of the roof structure lofts obtaining two or three levels. Volumes built several plants is reused as open spaces in one level.

Courtesy of Garcés de Seta Bonet