Europan in Selb – Estudio ODS

architects_ Estudio ODS, Bruno Oliveira + Marlene dos Santos
collaborators_Catarina Bota Leal; Francesca Trenta, Eleonora Re
location_ Selb, Germany
project end_ 2015
competition _Special Mention
from the architects_
Identity + Intensity
Identity in contemporary societies can be distorted over the influence of the globalization process. In a diluted context like Selb, the notion of locus loses intensity and trends to be transformed, which drives citizens to a consequent cultural detachment with the city. In Selb we still have opportunity to create a sustainable concept for the revitalization of the city core in the search of a dialogue with the physical, the social and cultural context of the site, towards an improved urban quality based on the following phases:

-Identity recognition of the structural elements of the town of Selb, built and natural. A sustainable urban regeneration is intimately linked with the genius loci understanding, its authenticity, unique characteristics of the site, physical or cultural, in which its citizens can feel more committed.
-Detect opportunities that offer these identity elements, revealing its latent potential and embrace urban life qualities.
-Establish strategies to intensify the potential and revitalize the urban center. These are time lapsed interventions, flexible and adaptable to the upcoming circumstances. Each of the interventions integrates and operates through the different own site characteristics.

The proposal defines a dual storyline of 15 vectors, whereby each intervention concept is processed and developed. It’s not an attempt to anticipate the uncertain future, but to picture creatively the change impacts using the existing situation as a starting point.
We set the rules to ensure a suitable functioning (density, porosity, etc.) and the coordinates for later management. The introduction of new uses and links anchored to the physical or cultural heritage of the site, enhance adaptability that can be introduced gradually, combining existing elements with new wider meanings.