BALMES – STUDIO NIIA + luis infiesta

architect_ Studio Niia + Luis Infiesta
location_  Barcelona, Spain
project year_ 2017
photography_ Aitor Estévez

floor area_ 230 sqm
quantity surveyor_ Criba tècnics de la construcció
from the architects_

The commission for the project consists in rehabilitating an old apartment located in Barcelona for a couple and its four children. One of the key elements in reorganizing all the domestic activities has been, from the very beginning, respect for the typology.

The rooms are clean of all accessory elements to make them as free and spacious as possible. Once these spaces have been obtained, we have sought maximum flexibility to allow different uses according to the needs of the family. This flexibility is obtained through small actions: we have created new steps in the load walls to generate new circulations and spatial relationships, sliding doors that provide fluidity and containment, and finally furniture that link and give rhythm to the different rooms.

The apartment is formed through a large central space, for public and family use, which separates private areas from public areas. In such a way, in the central spaces we find a sequence of these public areas such as the hall, the living-dining room, the family studio, the office, and the kitchen. In the south wing, there is the suite room and, on the opposite side, in the north wing, there is the guest room, with the children rooms and their respective bathrooms.

We work with few materials (oak, marble, and white), to achieve a unitary and sober image that is able to absorb the various objects of everyday life. The natural oak on the floor, sliding windows and doors, the white with different tones in walls and furniture, the Carrara marble in order to ennoble the bathroom spaces and particular objects such as the fireplace.

In the kitchen, the original pavement of the house is recovered, which achieves a modern image with memory.


Courtesy of Studio Niia.