Betsaida sports facility – Lagula Arquitectes

architects_Lagula Arquitectes: Toni Alonso, Martin Ezquerro, Ignacio López, Manel Morante, Marc Zaballa
collaborators_Ordeic (Installations), Carlos Guerrero (Construction Supervision)
location_ Sant Adrià del Besòs
built area_ 122 sqm
project end_ 2009
photography_ Adrià Goula

from the architects_The enlargement of the Betsaida sports facility with a new dressing area and stands is a project about commitment and activity within the neighbourhood. It stands in the limit of the sports facility site and of the Masia of Can Rigalt, one of the last traces of the preindustrial city of Sant Adrià del Besòs.

Some of the commitments take shape in the decision to create a courtyard in the access to the ensemble. A fence made of concrete block lattice filters the access from the rest of the courtyard.

The front of the changing area faces the sports field on its level. The building becomes a border, a thick limit to the courtyard, defined by the programme and reacting to the site conditions. Built as a screen of wood and U-glass, the façade is a continuous, translucent front lit up to the field at night. Behind it, five changing rooms, the cafeteria and the access area develop a simple, functional programme. The rear façade, white rendered, is curvedly shaped as a response to the shape of Can Rigalt.

Covering the ensemble, the roof serves also as new stands for the sports facility, gathering all the hustle and bustle of the spectators. In its rear part, red glazed tiled balconies take the shape of the dressing rooms below, enlarging the stands with a small elevated plaza, a lookout over the Masia of Can Rigalt. This is the place where the younger brothers play with spinning tops while their parents cheer the sporty brothers and sisters down in the field.

The construction of the enlargement is economical, simple, and typical of the local urban periphery. For that reason, the building entrusts its image to its curved geometry, with no show in its finishing. Lattice shadows, reflected on the curved glazed tiling with a white canvas as a background, are enough to achieve the shaping of the site; to shape that limit.

Courtesy of Lagula Arquitectes