CAN KHALID – TEd’A arquitectes

architects_ TEd’A arquitectes
developer_Khalid Alsaud
adress_ Carrer Biniatró, 10, and Carrer Binicaubell 10.

completion date_ November 2015 – February 2016


In a place with such an abrupt slope, the most traditional strategy consists in staggering the section in order to domesticate the terrain. The result constructs a new landscape.

Importance of a passive climate control, through porches and patios (spaces inbetween interior and exterior) as well as the climate relation with the terrain: huge thermal inertia and possibility of using geothermal energy.


Landscape understood as a wild nature. Local and endemic plants will define the landscaping design. We imagine a wild garden dominated by hardy perennials, and native plants and flowers, to create a natural landscape that helps to complete the architectural project. We imagine a kind of a chaotic garden mixing aromatic plants, flowering plants, carpeting plants and climbing plants, combining masses of plants and individual plants. The design will be characterised by self-seeding, mass planted drifts of structured grasses and perennials. Plants are chosen for the structure and texture when devoid of colour.