Casa Caballero – agora arquitectura

architectsagora arquitectura, Joan Casals Pañella and José Luis Cisneros.
location_Les Corts, Barcelona, Spain.
budget_ 550 €/m2
completion date_ 2015

The building is wedged between two party walls of an ancient residential complex built in the district of Les Corts. A damp and dark floor of thirty five square meters, located in a narrow and abandoned inner courtyard, rediscovers a many times forgotten interstitial situation.

A sanitary flooring, in continuity with a vertical concrete block wall linings, create a shared air chamber with cross ventilation to control the humidity. Block walls scale the height of the space, serving as support for a private mezzanine bedroom that ventilates through the main facade. A border birch wood box hides a water program that converges outwards. A translucent polycarbonate box appropriates a stripped inner courtyard dramatizing the interior experience. Exterior and interior get confused. Each one in their own place. Giving new sense of the rediscovered courtyard.