architects_ Manu Pagés Jovè /Taller d’arquitectura Manu Pagès
Carolina Martínez-Hidalgo/ THEHALLSTUDIO
location_ sabadell, spain
construction_ peframiq S.C.P
area_ 107 sqm
budget_106.863,30 P.E.M
photography_ José Hevia

from the architects_

The house SB, a single-family house from 1900, it is located in the city center of the city of Sabadell.
Most plots on this street, like the one on the present project, are gothic plots that are characterized to have a very narrow and deep geometry, with the spatial complications that this implies.
The existing construction is composed of ground floor + 1 with a two water roof with a maximum height of 9.24m and an inner courtyard, also of rectangular geometry.
The plot is oriented north-west – south-east, and the façade from the inner courtyard of the island is south-east.

In ancient times, the two plants were independent and all the activity of the house was on the ground floor.
A highly-compartmented ground floor in small rooms, with poor lighting and ventilation quality. On the other hand,the floor plan remained practically unoccupied and in a deterioration state.

The premise of the project was to create a diaphanous space with a total interconnection of all spaces, in order to give light and natural ventilation to all rooms.
It has been search, to create a fluid interconnection, that all the spaces of the house are exposed from several points of view and that the light from the glazed facade invade every corner of the house.

In order to achieve this, we emptied the entire house,freeing of any partition both, on the ground floor and on the first floor, creating a single open space interconnected with the creation of a double space on the island’s inner façade.

Once done this emptiness of vertical indoors walls, the entire inner wrap is insulated in order to achieve maximum thermal comfort for the user.

In addition, in order to get the necessary programs inside the wrap, in the center of the first floor we create a volume that contains the wet and washed rooms, with the passage of all the necessary facilities, and at the same time it performs the division of the two main floor rooms, connected to one another thanks to a penthouse.

 On the ground floor in order to describe the great space, we projected a piece of furniture, a “thick wall” that runs from facade to façade the great room creating different spaces according to the utility that the user will give it.