architect_ Josep Ferrando
location_  Buenos Aires, Argentina
project year_ 2015 – 2017
photography_ Federico Cairoli

collaborators_ Jordi Fígols + Lluís Botella + Victoria Nicolich + Macarena Parnakian
structural engineer_ Josep Nel.lo
construction_ CADAMDA + Jorge Barroso +Diego García
client_  Vicente López City Hall + Bienal Internacional Arquitectura Buenos Aires

from the architects_ In the Paseo de la Costa de Vicente López (Buenos Aires), one of the few public spaces in which you can appreciate the immensity of the La Plata River, is located the Nest of Culture, a wooden construction that allows you to rise above the meeting between two horizons: the Pampa and the River.

A square base construction of 9x9m inherits its dimensions from the umbrellas designed by Amancio Williams, two concrete constructions that preside the area from the heights at a very short distance from the new agora. A cultural agora built concentrically by means of four equal staircases that rotate in a centrifugal way related to its center and elevate the viewpoint of the viewer to four viewpoints, giving to the object a complex and labyrinthine aspect in which the directions are confused despite their rigorous geometry. The roads are duplicated at different scales, propitiating divergent circuits at the same time that the stairs become tiers of a possible central scenario.

A grid of 90x90cm structures the space by distributing taeda pine ribbons of 6x6cm section and variable length. The rods are grouped in the downward direction to accumulate the loads and make the contact with the ground more permeable; and they branch in the upward direction due to the lower mechanical stress and the density increase that protects the fall from higher levels. In this way, the rods are grouped by 4, 2 and 1, rotating their fibers as the pavilion itself and joining with screws that draw every 20cm in height the same spiral. This spatial structure shows in its perimeter a tripartite organization from level 0 to level + 4m: level 0 defines the access and start of the stairs, level + 2m the gates and the meeting of the diagonal rods that brace the whole, in addition to incorporating the inclination of the ladder to the mesh, while the level + 3m defines the lookout points.

Courtesy of Josep Ferrando.