Day and Community Center – Flexo Arquitectura

architects_ Flexo Arquitectura
consultants_ Juan Pablo Rodríguez (structure) + Toni Aguilar (engineer)
location_ Mallorca, Spain
site area_ 1141 sqm
built area_ 456 sqm
construction year_ 2011
photography_ José Hevia

In a suburban residential area, located at the edge between the periphery and the urban tissue of Palma, we are asked to propose a Day Center and Community Activities for a small budget: 620€/m2. The proposal is based on three basic principles:

We understand the project as an opportunity to enhance relations and collective activities between the users. Therefore, the building is arranged around a large and sunny private garden with two existing pine trees, sheltered from the wind and protected from pedestrians’ and neighbours’ views. The garden articulates all the Day Center activities.

We propose the consolidation of the Center’s institutional character as the articulator of the public area by the building’s image without using the monumentality. Therefore, we use a unique colour for the different façade materials and a local stone (already used on some public spaces around the area) in order to establish a clear and identifiable public identity. The building cedes a three-meter wide strip to the public space, providing a relational area around the building before entering.

Due the economic budget constraint of 620 €/m2, we propose to use the bricollage as a technique that allows us to give a hybrid answer, combining local (artisan) with global (industrial) techniques and materials in order to optimize the resources offered by both sectors. Architectural form is used here as a strategy for sustainability emphasizing passive strategies.

In short, we are interested in the ability of any project to give a meaning within a specific cultural context using an unprejudiced attitude allowing us to find opportunities even in the apparent worthless. We propose using particular cultural contexts as opportunities from which to build the project’s strategy. We choose an inclusive and unprejudiced attitude that don’t discriminate neither this nor that, but opts for this and that.