House in Cretas – Barozzi Veiga

architects_Barozzi Veiga
location_ Cretas, Spain
project year_ 2014

from the architects_Down from the main road, a path leads through the woods to an entrance pavilion. Once inside, a little Acropolis appears upon the top of a mountain ridge. A tender breeze blows, there is a feeling of intimacy and protection. Just a few simple volumes. In between, visible but distant, the rough landscape. A continuous plinth, elevated, is extending horizontally in between the trees on the sloping ground. Inside the pavilions, with reflections of water, of fire, the brightness of the sky, the hidden shadows.

The light of the evening penetrates inside the high spaces, creating shelter. One can feel the fresh breeze passing through the patio. When night falls, downstairs and well-protected, we enter in the private spaces of the rooms.