architect_ oasi
location_ bologna, italy
project year_ 2017
competition_ Bologna Caserma Sani Competition.

from the architects_
A fat wall, all around the site.
Full of life, of services: shops, galleries, workshops, laboratories, offices, café.
Invites you to get in. It defines a new plot.
Inverse city, city on the border, nature inside.

The old as a void. A memory, like a ruin park in an old city.
Inside, new life happened. The new is new. All is new.
No need to spend extra money on the old, just fix it.
We won’t change its feeling, its atmosphere. New can be cheaper.
Three new residential typologies around the old buildings: the urban villas, the court building, new towers above.

The new program, more program, more public program.
Nature, gardens a river, a lake, a zoo, summer pools, peers, a botanic garden, rural fields, sport facilities. And a school of curse.