architect_ Territoires
location_  Sermange, France
project year_ 2008
photography_ Nicolas Waltefaugle

client_ Village of Sermange
size_ 6400 sqm
budget_ 235,000€
from the architect_

Urban Planning Prize 2010.

The village of Sermange, located in the Jura, is built around an extensive lawned area, called the Large Meadow. This area, which has long been used for markets, drains the rainwater from a part of the village. A fountain stands at the site’s lower portion. Throughout TERRITOIRES’ design philosophy, one of the agency’s mottos has always been plain and simple: measured intervention and subtle discovery. The Large Meadow’s layout is a central void, open to a range of communal activities. The structures on its outer edges are partly built along rows of ash trees, and partly highlighted by a wooden path following the subtle rhythms of its undulated topography. This wooden path closes the northern side, and offers an alternative way through the village.

Courtesy of TERRITOIRES.