Maritime Science Center – Viar Studio

architects_ viar estudio, Iñigo de Viar
location_Tungevågen, Norway
design year_ 2015
collaboratorating architects_Sara Navazo, Edorta Larizgoitia.

from the architect_The idea of the project is suggested by the site. The site is the project. The project is for the site.
· Creating a new place in the landscape through the colonization of the space.
· The roofs are laid out as recognizable elements into the landscape, like pieces brought by the sea.

From the site we can see the sea, the waves, the grass, the rocks. Storms, wind, snow and the sun, shadows, the woods.

When people are discovering the building firstly they get into the pitched roof buildings, watching the exhibition and afterwards they achieve the outside view and re-discovery the landscape.

All 4 buildings, different volumes, form a single and continuous space. There is a main room containing the exhibits. Going up the stairs/theater the visitor reaches the landscape (exterior) and through a wooden floor (like a carpet) is lead to the sea.

The roof: a traditional construction for the exterior; the interior is made in wood (large beams) and with multiple skylights, creating a unique space.

The project is ordered with 4 buildings:

_1st volume_entrance building: hall, shopping, wardrobe, ticket/info counter.
_2nd volume_exhibitions: a single room, with a staircase-theatre inside. Connected to the sea.
_3rd volume_cafe: coffee shop (kitchen), grandstand/theatre, idle space, exterior terrace.
_4th volume_auditoriums: main auditorium, dividable conferences room (ground floor) ,facilities &  toilets (basement).

Courtesy of viar estudio.