architects_ B-ILD
location_Blankenberge, Belgium
construction year_2016
total floor area_900m2
photography_Dennis de Smet

from the architects_

A monolithic skate park as a public space

The concept for the monolithic skate park in Blankenberge is conceived as a multipurpose public space. Aside from responding to the specific challenges desired by the skaters, it was the ambition to create an added value on a bigger scale, intended for a divers group of users. The open character of the skate park with the addition of a public square allows it to become an integral part of its wider surroundings. The unambiguous and architectural conception aspires to leave a lasting impression on its users and passers-by.

The implantation and design of the park is conceived as a sculpture in its environment. A concrete square is folded into a provoking playground including all the elements necessary for a challenging and inspiring skate park. The concrete plane is slightly lifted to strengthen its sculptural qualities and enhance its visibility. The concrete sculpture becomes tangible while the tribune and steel benches emphasize its public character.

The square of the skate park is created in different shades of red concrete to highlight the character of this material. The inner circle of the skate park is executed in grey concrete.

The skate stage strengthens the already existing recreational infrastructure in the city of Blankenberge. Since the project is situated next to an important traffic axis, it was the intention to create a very visible and lasting impression to the people who pass by. The skate stage takes a very clear role in its landscape, following an existing slope on the site and creating new ones for the skaters.

With this project we also took the opportunity to improve the accessibility of not only the skate stage but also of the other sporting facilities on the site. Functioning as a public square which you pass by before entering the other buildings, it offers also opportunity to sit and spend time.

Several posts and amateur video clips are popping up on social media. The community seems to be proud of their new recreational stage.

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Courtesy of B-ILD.