architect_ Oscar López, OLAestudio
location_  Santiago de Compostela. Galicia. Spain
project year_ 2017

engineer_ Enrique Ramos
constructor_ Aquanor
budget_  333.624 €

from the architects_ 
Build a pool in a lagoon, inside a lagoon.

Build a new fluvial beach for the city of Santiago and our visitors.

Take advantage of the magnificent installation of the grandstand and auditorium facilities, reuse the buildings and bring out a hidden space for the neighbors.
These are the questions and these are the answers:

1. All the current costumes near the access are conditioned for the use of the river beach.

2. Access occurs through the current ticket office.

3. The existing bar becomes part of the installation.

4. The river beach extends throughout the space of the grandstand. The auditorium, facing south, sunny all day, becomes a space for games and meetings. All the surroundings become living spaces on the lawn. Logical and minimal interventions.

This space, closed and hidden until now, becomes “the beach” of Santiago de Compostela.

5. The pools are inside the water. Bathe inside the lagoon. Over the waters concrete and stone platforms build spaces to be, walk, sit and sunbathe.

6. The pools do not work all year, but this new park should be enjoyed all year round. The pools become a bridge that allows you to enjoy the stands for sports activities. The
construction must withstand the passage of time. Its lack of use in winter is very intense in summer. Concrete and stone as a support for the passage of time.

7. Architecture pregnant, exposed and stretched. Architecture to be and to walk. Architecture to rest on the waters of a lagoon.

PRICE M2: 275.72EUROS.


Prior to the construction of the pools, the Monte do Gozo contains the space of grandstand and stage for large concerts with a capacity for 36,000 people. The pools take advantage, with a small reform, the ticket office, toilets and cafeteria on the west side. The project, original of Alfonso Penela, built these pieces combining concrete walls, walls of granite masonry and elements of closures and doorways in corten steel. 25 years later, and after a scarce use, its architecture is still valid.
The grandstand, and all its perimeter space, becomes a solarium space and relaxation of the pools. And not only the space bounded by the installation is shared, since this place opens completely to the distant view of the city of Santiago.
Santiago is a difficult city to contemplate from a distance and from its interior it is a city without a horizon, without distant views.
The Monte do Gozo and in particular this place seeks to come to light as the new recreational space of the city. The place where the pilgrims see the Cathedral and is the prelude to the end of the road is also the place where Santiago is rediscovered by the neighbours.

Courtesy of OLAestudio.