One book, one step – Arnau Reventós

architect_ Arnau Reventós
project year_ 2015
competition_Arquia 2015
from the architect_

A tower to reach the dreams. A tower from which to see the world. From which to isolate from it. A place from which to observe it, to understand it.
Physical representation of an individual’s knowledge. A monument to knowledge.
Vital project.
A tower designed to reach the sky, to touch the world of fantasy.
Watchtower to observe the earth from a certain distance, from a necessary perspective.
Built with books, bricks of knowledge, construction in consciousness masonry.
Only books. Towers of pages, lids and loins.

Mode d’emploi

Construction in masonry. Stabilization by compression.
The difficulty of the operation lies in the different sizes of the books. Layers of books should be superimposed, one on top of the other, at 90º between them. The layers should be of books of a similar thickness, to ensure a good stabilization perpendicular to the ground.. The large and long distances are relatively important: the more disparate they are in size the more different supports can be made with respect to the lower layer, giving more possibilities to a better and more homogenous stabilization.

Steps will be formed by using:

– 2 thick books (10-13cm)

– 3 semi thick books (7-9cm)

– 4 thin books (3-6cm)

Extra thin category books are discouraged (1-3cm) due to the low resistance of these books to a frequent passage zone.