architects_  BRUT Architectes
Penestin, France
construction year_ 
Maxime Castric

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BRUT architectes has designed a low energy dwelling conceived as a large greenhouse. Built for a young family, ‘PEN.DU’ is situated on a relatively large plot of land in a residential area of pénestin. externally clad with translucent paneling, the scheme comprises a large wooden platform, elevated above the ground and topped with an enclosed volume that contains the home’s primary living accommodation.

Covered with a pitched roof, the remainder of the house has been conceived as an experimental greenhouse that remains somewhat open to the elements. incorporating swings, netting, and a climbing wall, these areas provide space for both storage and recreation. an adjacent workshop is also included as part of the project, positioned to protect the western façade from prevailing winds.

From an environmental perspective, the design focuses on passive solar contribution and retaining heat generated throughout the day. translucent cladding reveals the building’s timber frame, which in turn hides the scheme’s straw bale insulation. the elevated nature of the dwelling reduces the impact on the ground below, while the use of bio-sourced materials limits the building’s carbon footprint.

As well as framing views of the surrounding landscape, large windows to the south maximize solar gain in winter, while northern openings provide ventilation for the home’s bathrooms. in addition, rainfall collected from the large roof surface is stored and reused. the entire project was completed on a budget of just €165,000.

Courtesy of BRUT Architectes.