architects_ rubial·sanchez
type_ proposal for the ideas competition “torre de san miguel rehabilitation”
location_ almería, spain
client_city of almería
budget_ <500.000 € > 1.000m²
procedure_ideas competition

from the architects_
“(…) Por eso me gusta Almería.
Porque no tiene Giralda ni Alhambra.
Porque no intenta cubrirse con ropajes ni adornos.
Porque es una tierra desnuda, verdadera…”
Juan Goytisolo, Campos de Níjar

Plataforma Cabogata is a multipurpose activity support that, being subordinated to an
environment of great scenic value and to the historical richness of the Tower of San Miguel,
enhances the inherent capacity of Architectural Heritage to become a core element of human
The purpose of the intervention is to generate a large collective space that appraise the original
features of the Tower of San Miguel, giving it the necessary services for the development of the
new activity, blending in with the surroundings.
The intervention is the answer to understanding the architectural and historical heritage as an
active agent capable of raising encounters and memories for itself, enhancing itself as an
infrastructural support for the activities that it generates.
Therefore, Plataforma Cabogata, under the utmost simplicity and respect for the environment,
returns to the Tower of San Miguel its place in the history and landscape of Almería.