architect_ Muoto
program_Restaurant, cafeteria, indoor and outdoor sports facilities and public spaces
client_Etablissement Public Paris Saclay (EPPS)
surface_4097 sqm + terraces and public space
budget_6.500.000 €
consultants _Y-Ingénierie, Bollinger & Grohmann, Alternative, Novorest
year_2011 – 2016
from the architects_
The project is a public facility, situated on the new campus of Paris-Saclay. The building hosts
a mix of activities including indoor and outdoor sports facilities, a restaurant, cafeteria, and
various public spaces: a pedestrian square, street terraces, park areas for deliveries, bikes
and cars. The building is organised vertically with its different activities superimposed on
one another, using the roof as a panoramic playground for football and basketball games.
The different areas are linked by an open staircase that allows independant accesses. The
building takes the form of an urban shelf, a vertical public space, accessible to all campus
visitors, day or night.
It is a shared facility, encouraging the encounter of various populations living close to one
another, but rarely meeting. The Restaurant, cafeteria and sports activities are made accessible
to students, company employees, teachers, and researchers. It aims at creating a
meeting point for everyone by mixing activities that are usually separate.
The building has been conceived as a minimal structure, using rough materials, robust and
long lasting techniques. Technology is used minimally to provide a place that will last in time,
without need for complicated maintenance.
In response to the low construction budget, detailing has been kept to a minimum. This economical
approach has allowed for the inclusion of a generous public square in the construction
price, ensuring a planted pedestrian connection with the existing academic buildings
next to the site. The vertical configuration of the building provides a minimal footprint.