Refurbishment of a flat in Putxet – Arquitectura G

architects_ Arquitectura G, Jonathan Arnabat, Jordi Ayala-Bril, Aitor Fuentes, Igor Urdampilleta
refurbished area_150m2
construction year_2012
photography_José Hevia

from the architect_  
The commission was to transform a 150sqm ground floor studio into an apartment. Meeting the requirement of a low budget solution. The key decision was to act only over the interior layout and the floor finishings. The original walls of the house have remained intact so the intervention, basic but categorical, consists in the articulation of space by a set of vertical planes. The project pursues the visual relation with the outside terrace assuring the constancy of light and vegetation across the oblique arrangement of the project’s elements.
This oblique arrangement strangles and widens space, creating spots of different kinds. This new partition walls actually nor touch the original walls neither reach the height of the ceiling, making clear the difference between the new and the existing.
The intention is not to specify the use of each space. The client has the freedom to choose how they occupy the spots depending on what suits their needs best.
As for the choice of materials, there is a pronounced Mediterranean accent. Vertical surfaces are covered in shiny materials such as glazed ceramic tile or mirror, so the light coming from the outdoor terrace is multiplied. In addition to the reflection of light, we see the contrast between the pure geometry of the new partitions and the wild vegetation in their reflections. The floor is finished with ceramic as well, but in this case with unglazed clay tiles, which brings a dose of warmth in contrast to the vertical planes.

On the photos ¨In use¨ ( it could be perfectly seen how the expressive simplicity and neutrality of the intervention have assured complete freedom for the owner so that he could express his own personality in his appropriation of the interior space.

Courtesy of Arquitectura G