Renovation of the Trinity College – Aires Mateus

architect_ Aires Mateus, Manuel e Francisco Aires Mateus
location_ Coimbra, Portugal
project year_2001-2016
photography_ Nelson Garrido and Aires Mateus

project leader_ susana rodrigues
collaborators_ valentino capelo sousa, patrícia marques, mariana barbosa mateus, joana carmo simões, vânia fernandes, olga sanina, sara nobre
engineer_ BETAR, GPEC Trofa, JOULE, José Galvão Teles
constructor_ Veiga Lopes S.A.
client_ Universidade de Coimbra

from the architects_
The project starts with the consideration of heritage and historical values. We differentiate between the “eternal” value of the project´s masses: the compression of the great walls and domes, and the “ephemeral” character of the old structures: constructive systems traditionally made of wood. The project was developed following this understanding of passing time, preserving the value of the “eternal” and proposing a new “ephemeral”. A structure made of steel, separate and flooded with light, suggests a new contemporaneity.

Courtesy of Aires Mateus