Vaulruz – fala atelier

architectsFala Atelier, Samuel Maire.
location_ Vaulruz, (CH)
Projected year_ 2014
collaborators_ Samuel Maire.
competition proposal
from the architects_
Planned for the eye, the place projected for the new school in Vaulruz is strategically placed on the edge of the growing residential neighborhood of the village. So the school will become the heart of thevillage life in the long term future. The eye of the poet will increase the opportunity of a genuine dialogue with the landscape. This will be a significant design school in the geology of the place, whose silhouette will be cutted in the range of agricultural, residential land, and the plain as a whole.
Aware of these two thoughts, our proposal is the introduction of a universe in this landscape, one dedicated to education related to the universe.
The volume is simple and rational. It affirms the uniqueness of the vocation of the building with ordinary means. Horizontality, it follows the thread of Sionge while meeting the neighboring meadows. Incidentally, all classrooms have the light coming from South.
The architectural expression is simple and clear. A brick facade defines a generous and open territory on all sides for school. Within it, the seriousness of architecture proves illusory. The school building occupies only a part of that territory, the rest is dedicated to a playground. The whole is a vast canvas which children will take over.

The school surroundings are an abundant grass. Where the plot is bordered by a road, a sidewalk is installed. All parking areas and deposits is placed in the south, along the path of Belle Fontaine. Thus, access to school is as comfortable and efficient as possible, even for users with reduced mobility. For the same purpose, the whole program is arranged on one level, on the ground floor.
This is to bet a generous and clear school for princesses and princes of the villages to dedicate a space in the landscape.

The architecture of the project is a cinch. Constructive elements are arranged in an honest and clear manner.
The materials are local and inexpensive, their installation is extremely easy and fast. This is an open and comprehensible universe, even for a child.
The perimeter of the wall clay brick, similar to those used in the most beautiful wing of the old school Vaulruz. Using concrete lintels, bricks define a pattern giving the illusion that the wall is the building. As in its approach, the visitor understands that the wall is primarily used to give a clear face in school, what she does occupying a part of the perimeter of brick.
Once past the brick wall, wooden school is finally revealed. The rationality of its structure allows a clear organization of the program. Since the central focus, all parts are distributed through a wide corridor also overlooking the playground Thus, all parts enjoy a sunny climate from the south, and the classes can be oriented so as to have the windows on their left. The corridor serves both traffic and indoor recreation space, used in case of bad weather for example.
Classes occupy the wings, with the possibility to consider access therebetween. The rest of the program is in the immediate vicinity of the fireplace. Child class enjoys the quiet west end, and independent access, and the ability to define a part of the corridor and the playing field. On both sides of the central entrance , the offices of the main concierge and overlook the homes.
A continuous band between the focus and the pieces incorporates doors, benches, cupboards, sinks, downspouts, etc. Y is also incorporated the firewall layer allows an extremely effective evacuation corridor. The airflow also benefit from this organizational principle; the air is supplied by the North and South facades and recovered along the central longitudinal strip.
Future extension is entirely within the perimeter defined by the brick wall, on both sides of the external game space. Thus, constructive and organizational principles of the school extend along the wall with ease.

The outdoor play space is large and varied. Different soil treatments define game areas to elementary geometry, and various qualities: Asphalt, sports field, sand, gravel, vegetation. In the northeastern part of the natural vegetation is spreading within the perimeter and is decorated trees.
Various gaming devices are also freely arranged in the rest of the court. Depending on security needs, nets in the openings of the brick wall will prevent children from leaving the school grounds during recess. However, the court remains visually outward in all directions.
With its different elements, instead of the game is a constellation of colors and forms that constitute an ideal environment for children’s play. Inconspicuous to the direct neighborhood, it can be guessed by cons from the heights of the