Wolterslaan – RAAMWERK

location_ Ghent, Belgium
project year_2017
photography_Stijn Bollaert

from the architects_
The existing house served as a family home with doctor’s practice and consisted of a long series of connected rooms without relation or contact with the spacious garden. The ground floor is stripped to the main volume and expanded with a pavilion structure. The new volume takes distance from the current house and of the adjoining building.  This creates a narrow passage between the new volume and the neighbors. Daylight penetrates deep into the main volume. The position of the pavilion creates a layerd view from the main building, through the pavilion into the garden. The plan allows each space to blend into another room without losing indentity or individuality. A perforation in the existing ceiling of the main volume creates a second relationship with the upper floor. The pavilion consists of a rough concrete plinth combined with an elegant curtain wall structure that carries the wooden ceiling.

Courtesy of RAAMWERK