architect_ Wenink Holtkamp Architecten
location_ Deventer, Netherlands
construction year_ 2015
photography_ Tim Van de Velde

from the architects_  

The Zwarte Silo is an important iconic building which marks the beginning of the harbor area. It lends itself perfectly well for a large public function that attracts people from the region and bring liveliness into the area.

The transformation aimed to reinforce the building’s connection with the harbour and to give the former industrial structure a new purpose that helps to reestablish it as a focal point of the community. It now provides a venue for street-food vendors to sell their produce.

In the design we’ve tried to stay as close as possible to the authentic character of the building and preserve most of the authentic details. We wanted to keep the building as raw as possible.

The key interventions made include the introduction of several doors and windows with slender steel frames that enhance the facility’s connection with its neighborhood.

The new function asks, in contrast to the closed character of the grain storage, for a more open character that opens itself to his surrounding area. For this reason we have made a large nine-metre opening on the east side which gives an astonishing view over the harbor area.

The original separation of the main silo and the two low brick volumes is retained, with one area accommodating further food stalls and a bar, while the other contains a multipurpose space used for events. Long, pitched skylights flood this room with natural light.

The reintroduction of original openings in the facade provided more opportunities for glazing.

These include two large doorways on the north facade, one of which serves as the new entrance to the building.

Courtesy of Wenink Holtkamp Architecten.